Anyone used the Nintendo UK Store for pre orders?

Found 22nd Jan 2015
Got the New 3DS XL on pre-order from them, and just noticed the despatch date is 13/02 (aka release day) - anyone pre-ordered with them before? Do they wait until release day to send out or will I hopefully receive it on release day?
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Bought from them before and dispatch wasn't the fastest. It wasn't a pre order though
I've had a few bits from them most stuff I've received early (although I got my mk8 late but they gave everyone a download code for it as well to compensate) I reckon you'll get your console early though personally?
I had a Diddy Kong Amiibo pre ordered and it arrived a week before release, so I'm happy with them! Don't know what they're like for consoles or games though.
I pre ordered mk8 collectors from them.
Day of released the parcel company had issues. Nintendo emailed everyone about it a day in advance.

The day of release Nintendo emailed everyone a digital download code of the game. Since all copies were a day behind on shipping.

Game arrived the next working day (Monday).

Sold my physical copy off the same day after taking the points code out for the freebie title.

Nintendo seem to have heart for their fans when things go wrong.
Can't say much else as it was the only order from them.
I have preordered Zelda Majoras Mask special edition with them and i wanted to know the same thing so i messaged them and this is their response:

"With regards to your query, we can confirm that all pre-ordered items from our Online Store will be dispatched for delivery, before its announced release date. You can then expect delivery of your goods on or before the date of release."
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