Posted 30th Oct 2022
My son's 13th coming up and he wants a phone number as his mates are on whatsapp.
He'll only use the device at weekends and mainly on wifi. So want something low usage with potential to buy add-on bundle.

I've always gone kenstechtips .. Asda seems to want a top up every 180 days now.…age

1p mnobile is £30 a year and that's 3gb data for the whole year so 250mb a month.

Then in comments someone mentioned RWG mobile

£15 one off is 750mb data a month plus 100 mins / texts…ta/

£5 one off is 250mb data a month plus 50 mins / texts…ta/

The £15 deal seems good! They piggy back of EE (which I find is a much better signal than three where I live).

Anyone tried them?
Presume can use if not in wales? Says 99% UK coverage

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    The data allowance may get eaten up fast if WhatsApp is set to download all media automatically. Please change it to wifi only.
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    I'm a month in with that tariff on my second phone. Monthly allowances reset on the 1st of the month (confirmed with CS). The £15 credit remains on the account which can be used for anything outside the monthly allowance.

    CS experience so far has been good. This was the best value that I could find becasue that offer runs indefinitely; no annual top ups etc.
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    We've had one for a few months now and been happy with it.
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    Multiple RWG SIMs across wider family, some on the freebie plans some on pay monthly. No issues, plus human CS is easily reachable with constructive responses.
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    I have decided to give this a go myself. Ordered the £15 RWG sim to see how it works.
    Nice one. I ordered last night. Hopefully comes soon and not affected by postal strike.
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    I'm a bit confused, where does it say Asda want a top up every 180 days ?
    in the comments:

    Hi Ken. Thanks for a great website!
    It seems that the Asda SIM now requires purchase of a top-up or bundle every 180 days – which seems to be a change quietly slipped into the FAQ at…ire.
    I contacted the Asda SIM help on 2732, who said the purchase is necessary. Loss of the SIM number is detailed in the FAQ page above.

    The previous wording from November 2021 is saved at…ire

    saw this mentioned on other forums about 1p mobile and RWG too. a lot of people went from three to asda and now jumping ship. (edited)
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    Wow my sim came today despite being sent second class and ordering Sunday night! Though would be delays!

    Not sure whether to test it or wait til give it to my son on 12 November.
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    Looks like these (hkd) parasites are finally getting their % , hence the rwg deal now.

    For RWG sake I would hope people have the savvy to go to them direct
    Use a different browser or delete them nasty cookies before paying for anything.
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    I use their £5 one off deal as a secondary sim and had no issues
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