Anyone used this company: Mobile Stuff Ltd?

    Or Do the prices seem to good to be true?…tml

    are registered here…h=1


    It looks at the very least parallel product; most of these products will not have a European guarantee/warranty

    The directors seem to have a healthy number of dissolved businesses between them.

    So it’s a case of buyer beware....if it's too good to be true.....

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply.

    Did you actually deal with them? Im tempted myself. Haha

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    No, didn't risk it in the end. got an email from them when i asked if i could collect the item they said no.

    Hi everybody I want to tel you taht the
    Company Name: Mobile stuff limited
    Contact Person: Malik Kalid
    Phone: +44 702-4083658
    Business Address: 42-46 high street road,surrey,United Kingdom(UK)
    I bought from Mr. Malik Kalid an IPHONE .All good he told my to sen him the money with WESTERN UNION.
    He give my hi's passport id scann to assure my that hi can never cheat on my.
    I pay'd him the money and after he told my that the IPHONE will arrive at my dorrstep in 3 days .
    After 3 days he write my a mail and ask my more money to make the delivery.
    Do not do the same mistake I made to trust this man and lose my money.
    I warn you THIS IS FAKE.
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