anyone used this site before thanks:

    please see title



    from google search.....

    Suspicious results and strange behavior: Results labeled "This site may … Suspicious results and strange behavior: Results labeled "This site may be compromised"PrintIf you're the administrator of a site we've identified with this warning message, please visit the instructions found in our Webmaster Help Center to investigate and resolve the problem.To protect the safety of our users, we show this warning message for search results that we believe may have been hacked or otherwise compromised. If a site has been hacked, it typically means that a third party has taken control of the site without the owner’s permission. Hackers may change the content of a page, add new links on a page, or add new pages to the site. The intent can include phishing (tricking users into sharing personal and credit card information) or spamming (violating search engine quality guidelines to rank pages more highly than they should rank). Learn more about hacked sitesWhat can I do if I see this message?If you see the warning message you can contact the webmaster and request that they investigate and clean up the site if it has been hacked. In the meantime, you can continue to the site at your own risk, but you should be careful about providing personal information to the site. If you decide to proceed to the site, make sure that you have the most updated version of your browser. It’s also good practice to ensure that other programs on your computer such as Flash and Acrobat Reader have the latest security updates."This site may harm your computer" warningTo be clear, when our malware detection system classifies a site as potentially hosting malware, we show a "This site may harm your computer" message. When we believe a site may be hacked or compromised but have not detected malware, we display "This site may be compromised" as an alert. In both cases, our detection might not be perfect -- we continually work on improving our system -- but it would be wise to proceed with caution.

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    oh right thanks pleased i asked now, anyone know apart from argos where i can get some ground protection mats preferably more than less but low priced as i need to do under a swing set and near a trampoline

    Emma1987, they are fine. They are an online tradeing name of carpetpac. They have an ebay account in the name of carpetpac with over 6000 feedback, which even mentions their website name "endurancemats"

    they have an address on the site and also a business telephone number.

    If after I have told you all this you are still worried then simply order from their ebay store.

    http:// stores.…tml <

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