Anyone used this site..what you think?

According to "whois" the site was only created on 5th October 2009 so VERY risky


Click the Registration tab on the link above
hello, i always stick to the rule if there is no contact phone number and you can only email website people DONT BUY FROM THEM!!! they are also too cheap dont give them your card details if you really want uggs buy from authorised retailers and pay full whack if you can buy them cheap on ebay through paypal then if anything does go wrong youll get a refund but only get some from someone in the uk i did the other day and still not sure if they are real or not - they look like real ones and none of the markings, labels are incorrect and they are very warm and comfy!!!! good luck babe but please dont buy from there!!!:)
Proper dodgy as at bottom of page it says 'This product was added to our catalog on 10/21/2008' so if site only been live since 05/10 then stay away.
Agreed, it 'could' just be a new legit site, but I'd be wary of any site THIS new.
This is Googles cache of the site as it appeared on the 3rd October:…=uk
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