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Found 13th Apr 2007

I have been looking at apartments in new york for october and have found a corker of deal from

So has anyone used/heard of this site. Is the deal too good to be true.

Thanking you in advance

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Any update on this? Did you book it through this site?
I'm looking for an apartment in new york in sept and found a crackin one on this site too.

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I haven't booked one as the one I found the person would only accept moneygram and I refused to send a lot of money to someone I do not know that way. After reading reviews etc unless I can pay by CC I am not going to book through a private agent as a lot of people have lost money.

It wasn't this one by any chance?

He's lookin for us to pay by moneygram.

Just wonderin, what reviews were you reading? Can you link me?

There are lots of Moneygram scams out there, I'd only pay by CC (And only to a site with a few good reviews.)
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