anyone used travelgenio or know anything about them

Posted 7th Jan 2012
hello i am about to book 2 flights with travelgenio but i haven't heard of this website before and they are offering cheaper flights than ryan air's direct website for the same flights.

I just dont want to be conned the website is

thanks for any help
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I know this is foreign but it doesn't look too good
No ABTA No address, they are Spanish owned.

Barge pole and would not touch, spring to mind
thanks looks like it was too good to be true
I tried to book a flight ticket and one error occured on the site right after I had entered all my CC info to validate the payment. My card got denied while I had sufficient funds but oddly the site charged my Visa 111 euros in insurance and fees that were not refundable even though I could not purchase the ticket and had to buy another ticket from another site.
My girlfriend and I booked international flights from germany to africa for vacation. We received an email saying that our credit card was denied. We recieved the email 4 times over the next few days. So we called visa, they said it had been blocked and to book again. So we did. 5 days later Travelgenio decided to charge us for the original flight anyways. This is plain and simple outright theft! It is no wonder to me that Spain is going into recession. When we were FINALLY able to get through to customer care, the man on the line was unhelpful and extremely rude. He even called my girlfriend a dumb american at one stage. UNACCEPTABLE!! Never again. I strongly urge ALL others to avoid using Travelgenio. Its sad that companies out there can be so greedy and untrustworthy.
I booked a flight with them and wish I hadn't. Customer Service= Zero. You cannot contact them, because their telephone line daoesn't work, like everything else. (It is in Spain. Nice and exspensive waiting in the loop). It is safer and cheaper to book directly with the airline, in my opinion.
Same experience! I received two emails, one claiming the booking is outstanding and one claiming the credit card was denied. However, the full amount of the flight cost WAS charged to my credit card! So, no bill received, no ticket either, but charged for it. This is simply FRAUD!
Don't use them, they do not respond if you have a problem, useless. I found out the hard way, lost $180 even though I could have had the flights changed...if only they had responded to the 'make changes' form. I called all phones in 3 countries continuously for an entire day. A very expensive mistake.
I have book 2 ticket by travelgenio 1 ticket come with email but do not think it is real ticket, second one was denied my creditcard I think they blocked my card....And I loose all my money do not book from this company they make fraud
Hello all

I STRONGLY advise against using Travelgenio, they are on my black list.

I think it is a borderline fraudulent operation.

The flight prices are interesting and it looks genuine. I was surprised that they didn't have a "verified by Visa" credential system but I entered my card details and I was confident I would get an email saying the tickets are purchased.

The NEXT day I am asked via email to enter my verified by Visa credentials through a link supplied with the email. (alarm bells should have been ringing)

Following this I am thanked for my payment, but that unfortunately to get the tickets I need to pay a supplement fee of about a hundred euros because I waited too long to be verified by Visa. Or get a refund.

This farce started three days ago and I fear I will not anything back.

I still need to book a flight and now I am out of pocket by a serious amount of cash.

DO NOT USE TRAVELGENIO! and good luck!

Telephone lines cut out after long holding periods. When using their online communication form to request a flight change, one receives an automated reply. After a number of days you may get a half baked reply from someone who obviously does not read english well, completely misses relevant details in the request. Absolute incompetence time and time again.

This is the worst company i have ever encountered, I did my reservation with them in month of July 2013 with an insurance of cancellation. I cancelled my travel well before the flight time, my refund was approved in month of August by an email & since then i've been waiting for it. But there is no response at all, they have stopped replying emails and when called client service they transfer the call from one operator to another & cut in the end after a long delay.
TRAVELGENIO - worst travel agent ever!!!!!!!

They charge you 30 euros for booking and 30 euros for cancelation, you wil not get any invoice and if you cancel your flight they wil lover the amount to be returned as they wish. If you tell them to send the money to your bank account and provide the details they don´t care and tell you they will send your money to your credit card and it will take 30 to 60 days!!!!!
DO NOT USE TRAVELGENIO. Simple as that. Dodgy dodgy dodgy. I booked domestic return flights within Australia, screen came up saying payment complete. Then received two separate emails saying credit card declined, asking me to pay more money using a different card. The emails reeked of dodge, misspelt and poorly formatted/capital letters etc. Plus I couldn't help but notice the address listed said "Madrid, GERMANY". What a joke. I had to call my bank and cancel my credit card. Do not touch them with a barge pole.
Cannot remember how it is that I booked airline tickets through Travelgenio, but, lo and behold, when I got to the airport I had no reservation! Round trip from Greenville, SC to NY has now cost me double, and for 2 people that is a big chunk of change! Never again!
DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT WITH TRAVELGENIO. If you have and are receiving the stupid emails because the transaction did not go through, it is because they are not visa verified and can charge extra fees if you call your bank as they ill-advice and ask them to let the charge go through. SOLUTION: Call you bank, have the cancel your card and issue you a new one! That is what I just did after I noticed that after the card was declined, TRAVELGENIO put another $28.95 on my card and repeatedly asked me to let my bank approve the charges.
Don't do it! Trying to get a suspended ticket released so a friend can take the ashes of a loved one back home, and they are not helpful! The experience dealing with a booking by this company has been a disaster from beginning to end!
I thought it looked good until I started the booking process after searching and choosing the cheapest advertised flights on Skyscanner. just before confirming the booking it suddenly alerted me to the fact that they will charge an extra $13Au per person per flight e.g $52 for the two of us. It ended up being cheaper to use another agent or to go with the airline. Especially as I have now sent that this will be converted to EUR so there would be foreign transaction fees also involved. After reading the masses of terrible reviews I think i have made the right choice.
Has anyone got a good thing to say about them? I have online tickets had no problems . Paid what was asked got confirmation email. Have planned and paid for a trip from dublin to Amsterdam to kular lumbar to thialand...
I just did a booking and they are scam artists I am sure. I book travel all over the world on a regular basis and all my credit cards were refused. The initial email sent alarms to me, and then the 2dn email even worse, saying I had to put my cc details in again? And all this to take 44 euros from me for canceling. I should have trusted my instincts, after skyscanner sent me there and I didn't recognize the name. Stick to expedia!!!!
Skyscanner bounced me to them for flights to Oz. I did book and regretted it dearly. Horrible company to deal with. Do not use.
I bought a ticket and got immediately two consecutive emails:

1.Thank you for your reservation request with Booking ID xxxxx. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties it has not been possible to confirm your booking.
2. Please rest assured that no money has been withdrawn from your account and the frozen credit will be returned according to your bank's timings. Unfortunately this process could take several days and we recommend you contact your card provider for further details.

So many questions going through my head now.. Will I ever get my money back? Should I buy a new ticket or wait till I see their action? Why didn't the transaction go through from the beginning like every other time I buy a ticket?
jeany123 know this is … know this is foreign but it doesn't look too good

I would also be very cautious.

Travelgenio isn't a travel agency but professional SCAMMERS! NEVER AGAIN!
The phrase "don't touch with a barge pole" springs to mind.!
Downright burglars. - don't touch. Delayed and led us up the path to cheat us of the cost of the fares. do not use under any circumstances . Joao and Patrice both extremely unhelpful - typifies everyones ideas of the indolent spanish Supposedly an Auckland office in NZ but end up talking to Madrid - no 24 hour service cut you off on phone after 30minutes.
I would never book with travelgenio ever again, i took out insurance to be able to cancel flights but when i wanted to they wouldn't allow me to so i would have lost a huge amount and had no choice but to keep the flights. I also died to change them slightly to a month later and they wanted to charge me an extra almost €600 for 2 of us, never never never book with travelgenio. My advise would be to go straight to the airline and not the middle man travelgenio.

OMG THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER; I will not even go in to detail. Thankfully after going back and fourth to a blank wall, VIRGIN AUSTRALIA got special permission as Travelgenio was being uncooperative, but they said the SAME THING to me re credit card. "IT DIDN'T GO THROUGH' and today they wanted to charge me 250 euros when in fact I had paid 188$ to change the ticke, then they decieded to REFUND ME before the 48 hours so they could CHARGE ME MORE MONEY TO CHANGE MY TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t. I SERISOULY believe this company is fraudulent and TO PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!! OR REPORT, I will not rest until this company is closed down.


DO NOT USE TRAVELGENIO. Simple as that. Dodgy dodgy dodgy. I booked … DO NOT USE TRAVELGENIO. Simple as that. Dodgy dodgy dodgy. I booked domestic return flights within Australia, screen came up saying payment complete. Then received two separate emails saying credit card declined, asking me to pay more money using a different card. The emails reeked of dodge, misspelt and poorly formatted/capital letters etc. Plus I couldn't help but notice the address listed said "Madrid, GERMANY". What a joke. I had to call my bank and cancel my credit card. Do not touch them with a barge pole.

I agree with the others.Do not touch these guys.Went to change flight and price went up and up.Very rude and I am sure they were playing mind games with me cutting off the phone etc.
The worst company I ever met.
I subscribed a cancellation policy in case I could not leave, what happened.
A refund was guaranteed, no way of having any money back.
i bought 3 tickets from and i was conned as i changed my date of departure by paying $300 and the next day they asked me to pay additional $266 or else i can't board my flight. i immediately called my bank as they were fraud and they have my $1500 and I'm waiting for my bank to settle this dispute
Never book with Travelgenio - I had an awful experience with them getting a refund for airport taxes.

In a nutshell,
(1) it was like pulling teeth to get any kind of transparent invoice from them. In the end I got it from the airline directly.
(2) First Travelgenio tried to charge us a €30 fee per person, per journey (including stopovers!) to refund €100 in airport taxes = €120 in fees. Then they said the refund was free. Then they charged us €60 "admin fees" (that aren't listed anywhere) to refund taxes they were trying hard to keep.

I think it's a mixture of incompetence and managerial malice.

May be cheaper, but ultimately not worth it in case something happens.
NIEMALS Travelgenio!!!!!
Wir müssen nunmehr 2230,00€ einklagen. Unsere Flüge nach Koh Samui waren angeblich sofort nach Kreditkarten Eingabe vergriffen. Der Betrag wurde aber abgebucht. Ansprechpartner bei diesem unseriösen Anbieter gibt es keinen. Verbrecherunternehmen
Travelgenio are a disgrace. I booked a flight in January. Had to cancel 2 months prior to flying. Emailed them 5 times with no reply. Called them, was on hold for 20minutes. Nice little scam they have going, don't answer emails and make them call. They informed me they were taking $440 of the $815 fare because I was cancelling. Bit steep but what can you do? They told me the refund would take 60 days. 3 weeks later got an email saying they're taking the whole lot. I called them and they actually hung up on me. Called back and no one answered. Waiting on a nice little phone bill. They are the scum of the earth. Do not use them.
I just booked 2 expensive tickets with travelgenio and I wish I would have read these posts before!!! I was give one price as a total and after I clicked and purchased the tickets I got a confirmation that my card was charged over 120 Euros more!!! Now they are saying that this is a service charge. But it didn't show that price before. I would never book with these thieves
Dealing with Travelgenio ( has been a complete nightmare. There are so many bad reviews for this company which are beyond 200% true but unfortunately I came across the reviews after I booked with them. I had such a difficult time changing my reservation. They do not have a toll free number (you will be charged international fees to call Spain). I have used the online submission forms so many times and I kept getting the run around when I asked them to change my reservation. I finally disputed the transaction with them since they were not able to help me and I could not trust that I even had a flight anymore due to their lack of customer service and automated responses which could not even decipher proper English. They kept sending me threatening emails to pay for the ticket on alternate websites. THE SKETCHIEST **** I'VE EVER DEALT WITH. Please spare yourself the drama, headache, and non-refundable money with no help and book with the hundreds of other trusted companies. TRUST ME - THE CHEAP RATES THEY PORTRAY IS NOT WORTH SOMEONE SCAMMING YOU FOR YOUR MONEY AND DEALING WITH TRAVEL NIGHTMARES. I'd rather pay the extra few bucks to a legitimate, trustworthy company.
I made a booking for my mother to travel to Canada. Same story: credit card denied, later a charge appeared on my card of 38 CAD: not receipts, no invoices, not explanation of the charge. I will call my bank to make sure no more charges can be placed against my card. I am counting my blessing that not the whole ticket amount was charged. I would highly recommend to stay away from this provider. I know I will.
BIG SCAM AGENCY charged me two times for a ticket and the trip is tomorrow and when I tried to check in online I called KLM and they tell me there is no ticket on my name. Called travelgenio and they don't give me any answer. In summary they took my 1000 euros ticket and now I don't have a ticket. It is a SCAM careful.
Esta compania Travelgenio es un FRAUDE. Me han cobrado dos veces por un pasaje de Colombia a Copenhagen y mañana es el vuelo y no existe pasaje alguno. Cancelaron el ticket sin informarme y me robaron mi dinero. Llamo y llamo a su serivicio de 24 horas y solo personas incompetentes y sin ningun tipo de experiencia me responden que espere. Que espere que? Nunca me dejaron hablar con el manager ni nadie me dice que pasa. Mientras tanto que tienen mi plata ROBO. Ahora que leo en internet no soy la primera a la que roban hay muchas quejas en la pagina de tripadvisor que si es seria. Ustedes deberían rebozar tener a travelgenio en estas noticias.
Thanks for the info, hopefully everyone finds this page on time. Too good to be true. Travelgenio flight scam fraud trust cheap cheapest 2015. Otherwise, if they does this"refusing only" now and then and not always- what a strategy!
My bank, Chase (fraud dept.) just informed in that TravelGenio tried to charge my visa account $3000. USD. & Chase denied the charge..(thankfully) I never heard of this company and have no idea how they got my visa credit card number.
This is not a company to get involved with. On the other hand, I love my bank, JP Morgan Chase.
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