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Posted 2nd Mar 2019
My other half saw this on Facebook selling cheap handbags. Anyone used this website? How good is it and quality?

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Whilst the website was created in 2006, scamadviser gives it a low trust rating.
For me, because you have to sign up to the £19.95 monthly subscription I would avoid, it does state that you can have a 10 day free trial but still have to sign up to the subscription. You may cancel the subscription at anytime, but whether or not they honour their promise or take the next months payment in error would be too great a risk for me to take.
Contact address is a virtual office. Operates some form of mandatory membership at £20/month. States it is a Denmark-based company. The stated VAT number (assumed Danish) is not recognised by European Commission VIES. Various clone sites such as sophieclub; jackclub; oksanaclub; although the membersip fee for those sites can be £30/month.
Not a very good website. They automatically will make you as their member and will deduct £19.95 without any prior notification. Their FAQ’s says it’s clearly mentioned on their web address but that’s not true.

“Membership Subscription Terms on various visible parts of our website in order to inform our customers and avoid such compliances: on the top banner "Automatically join when you make you first order. First 10 days are FREE, thereafter it costs £19.95/month, you can cancel any time " and on the bottom of the page. When you order, you confirm that you have read and you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Subscription Terms of We add the membership free trial to the shopping bag together with the items you order, and you will that if you check your email confirmation.“

I have not received any email confirmation as they mentioned
Also they don’t accept PayPal payment, don’t have any clue why not, they use several website under
None of their website says about the membership subscription apart from the main website. Then how the buyer meant to know that they will be automatically their member?
Don’t bother using This website, they are scammers, You purchase a bag £0.95, shipping fee is £1.95. You will be charged £24.95 every month for membership fee just because you bought a bag or any item from them. This is very sad. I didn’t realise on time about this for months, they claimed they sent me an email to confirm it which they never did. They took my money and said it is non refundable. God will punish everyone involved in this scamming.They have left me to suffer paying off depts I didn’t sign up for. God is watching......
This company is a scam and it tried to take money from my account today but my bank blocked i
I tried to cancel my membership but I order a bag from here on Sunday today is Tuesday and it says only after 48 hours after your order been accepted so it don’t let me cancel it maybe someone help please ? Thank you
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