Anyone used Waterpik or water flossers

Posted 9th Jul
Has anybody used one one and can recommend a brand or model?
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They're excellent Ultra Water WP-100 counter top, had it since 2013
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We got a water-pik when it was on offer at Costco. Its pretty good, but over time the water tank started leaking when removed, but that could be limescale causing problems.
They don’t last long. My one stopped switching on. Had to throw it away
I’ve bought from amazon - I opt for fulfilled by amazon with the longest guarantee. My first gave up within the guarantee and I got a refund. My next is still going strong / used daily with a two year warranty. I bought via a deal here. A
Amazon are generally all the same just a different funky brand name from China. I think they all go eventually, the daily vibration must take it toll.
Got a cheap £20 one off Amazon. Has lasted about 3 years so far. Was bought to test the waters, so to speak, and haven't felt the need to upgrade.
I find flossing really tedious and awkward so I bought a water pick. I really like it. Teeth feel really clean after using it and I find it much more comfortable to use than floss. Initially, I'd recommend using the soft setting first though until you get used to it...
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