Anyone used

    We were looking for a new fridge freezer, and have found this Whrilpool one which dispenses ice, water and coffee- woohoo, I need it now!! is the cheapest place we have found…ng= but I have never heard of them before and so I'm a bit wary - anyone got any experience with them at all?


    Sorry had to edit it there as I typed he wrong URL in.

    I will re-check

    They seem ok..haven't heard of them before mind ya.

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    Cheers Gerry

    i found this:

    Where to find us United Kingdom,United Kingdom,
    Venture House 65 London Wall London EC2M 5TU,
    EC2M 5TU
    Locate on Map
    How to contact us Tel: 01530 519 264
    Use the contact form below
    Visit our website [url][/url]


    Creation Date: 04-mar-2008
    Expiration Date: 04-mar-2010

    they only made the site on 4 march :? gonna dig a little more

    As GerryG said it should be okay but it's a lot of money to spend at at store with no feedback.:thinking:

    by using google maps for the address. other companies are registered at the address :?

    trying a whois on the website..

    Yeah I would rather pay a few extra quid and shop at a well known store.


    by using google maps for the address. other companies are registered at … by using google maps for the address. other companies are registered at the address :?

    Also postcode looks strange :s. Could be a mail storage / forwarding mail address.

    yeah its looking like that, and website not been up long, its looking dodgy :whistling:

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    Cheers guys, it does seem a bit too good to be true. Rep for all who helped, ty

    BUy it on the 0% finance...

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    Cheers Sigma

    I'm really struggling with paying so much for a gimmicky fridge freezer! But yeah, we'll probably end up getting it from Dixons, ty

    You could always try say here:…tml

    Don't know how much you are willing to pay for one but you can usually find fridge freezers cheaper from some not so well known internet stores.

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    They don't seem to have it there, but thanks anyway

    My pleasure

    Last resort..Feebay

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    Y'see I'd be more than happy without the espresso maker, for me it;s just a gimmick. But he who must be obeyed (ie he who pays the bills) wants the espresso maker!
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