anyone used www.mrscashback.com?

Found 21st May 2008
ive used this site for ages, saved up £140 and asked for my cheque, its not arrived and when i looked on the contact details theres only email contact for technical problems, nothing about payments, so was wondering if anyones used them and if youve recieved your cheque ok and how long did it take to arrive, thanks
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Ive used this site for ages too and not received anything back either
I have not been paid either.

My pending cashback was regularly being updated, and made 'available', until the remaining pending transactions would have made my total reach the minimum £30 threshold. Then, all of a sudden, nothing.

I have repeatedly tried contacting mrscashback, but they never reply.
The support tickets show up on the site, but are soon erased. Their excuse probably being that the ticket was filed under the wrong category - even though I have tried all of the categories available.

Also, they used to have a forum on their site, which has now mysteriously disappeared. Maybe this was because of all the complaints of nonpayment.

I hope they do the right thing and pay up, but doubt they will.

has anyone else had any luck?
Is that not the one where you have to pay an up-front fee to get 100% of the cashback rate, otherwise you only get around 50% of the cashback available? :?

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