Anyone used

    As above, has anyone used this site and got feedback? Is it legit? Basically I am a little bit tight and would like some nice new ringtones for free, certainly don't wanna get tied into those £5 per text subscriptions!

    Any advice, anyone???


    Your phone not a modern one that can use mp3's as ringtone ?

    y dont u jus buy mp3 tracks off play

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    y dont u jus buy mp3 tracks off play

    Cos I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing lol

    Just get a bluetooth dongle (£1 at poundland) and download the MP3s and you're sorted.

    If you can bluetooth, or connect by USB, to your PC you can make your own ringtones from CD tracks or free soundbites on the web. I did it from scratch yesterday, no problems. You could set up your own business if you wanted to! Details at:…php

    goto great site, free everything.
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