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Found 10th Aug 2008
Hello, has anyone used before? Seems cheap enough at £2.99 but is it any good? Also I am getting the SE W890i which is locked to Vodafone and read the post below:…0i/

How do you go about flashing a phone and what do you need?

Cheers one and all.

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Do be careful - I used this company and it ripped me off - but who is going to complain about such a small value - If you read the header it give you a big clue
" Search for your phone & learn how to unlock it for all networks."
The key word is LEARN - in other words we will not we will unlock it - the service I got for my payment was an email to the effect of "contact your phone operator for an unlock code which you might or might not be charged for"
Give them a miss - I suggest you go to a local phone shop who offer the service.
Good Luck!

they just send you some info not the unlock code

I used them on an my old handset, it didn't work and I succesfully managed to get refunded through Paypal, reasonably swiftly!

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Thanks to all of you, good advice - saved £3, rep added.



We created Free Unlocking for Nokia phones... Its been free ever since on my site and we were the first to offer free unlocking... However most phones cant be unlocked like this the code systems only work on old phones (mainly Nokias and some Samsungs), unlocking is tricky and you can damage your phone, its always best to take it to a phone shop that knows what they are doing... Not everything is free and its even worse if you end up killing your phone in the process

A lot of companies like the one you mentioned, just give you a silly guide thats mainly common sense and bits they have picked up on the net and then they point you to sites like ours, it doesnt work like that and its not that simple anymore
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