Anyone used Young Marmalade?

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Found 19th May 2010
Just wondering if anyone has used young marmalade?

I'm thinking of buying one of their cars with the insurace, only around £150 a month for first year then around £250 for second and then it gets cheaper with no claims bonus!

What's the catch?!

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I'd like to know too- I'm trying to find reasonable insurance for my son to be a named driver on my car! This is cheaper than any of my quotes.

One of the catches is you have a tracker fitted which monitors how the car is used and you agree that the car isn't driven between, I think 11pm and 5am, ie at times of the greatest risk, at least that was what they told me and Pass Pluss was compulsory too.

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Yeah i'm doing pass plus anyway, so your with Young marmalade? Don't you get a fine after 11pm? is it that bad?
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