Anyone used/heard of Bargain Max Ltd?

    Hi just wondering if anyone has used this site?
    Ive never heard of them, but as you can pay with Paypal im thinking it must be ok?


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    Guess not

    Haven't used the website but I do know there's a wholesaler in Salford called Bargain Max which I hear are legit, whether or not it's the same company or not though I have no idea.

    reviews, HERE

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    Ahhh didnt think of checking Amazon....ta very much


    Ahhh didnt think of checking Amazon....ta very much

    Glad I could help.

    all legit, they're doing a v healthy trade on ebay amazon etc! bought something last sunday and received it friday in perfect condition - cheaper than anywhere else!

    I bought a Xmas present from them which was faulty. They refused to refund/return. Won't use again, best paying a couple of pounds extra to a company who have a degree of customer service.

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