Anyone use/used Shop and Scan ?

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Found 26th Apr 2011
I got a random mailer in the post for Shop and Scan. Reading the leaflet it seems and OK idea but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience so I know what to expect.
If its more hassle than its worth or if they are just a spam company I will avoid.

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I use it, they are a great company, I haven't done it for a couple of months due to computer problems, but I have had about £100 worth of Next or Amazon vouchers from them, for doing either the web view, food scanning, questionnaires or petrol panel. This amount was within 1 year of being with them.

Worth being with them if you can be as I have heard its a long waiting list usually. Took me about 12 months to get invited.

You should definitely count yourself lucky. They're a very reputable company and again as stated above the incentives are amazing. I've been on the waiting list for more than 2 - 3 years and haven't heard a thing from them. Only problem I've heard of people having with them, is that they are a littler bit hounding if you don't commit properly i.e don;t scan anything in for weeks and don't participate regularly. Can't say that this totally sound so take it with a pinch of salt.

I get a couple of postcards through the post, then about 3 weeks of not scanning I get a phone call asking whats going on. But they know my PC keeps playing up they have just told me once its fixed to give them a call. But thats the only hounding I have ever had off them.

It really is worth giving it a go if you can from your mail.

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I've done a registration. My shops tend to be the same most of the time so if needed I will just rescan any items that are long life to keep them happy.

As a single bloke I only do a big monthly shop then just little top ups of essentials.

Thanks all

Would highly recommend them. Pretty quick to build up a decent amount of points to exchange for vouchers.

I was with them for nearly a year i was uploading every week on time i ended up getting a letter from them saying they were taking legal action against me as i was not uploading and they demanded i send back the scanner, When i contacted them they said they had only ever recieved a few barcodes, obviously it wasnt working properly as some weeks only 1 barcode was sent and believe me i was uploading them all as it took hrs to go through all my shopping LOL It took them weeks to send out my vouchers aswell to be honest my glad i sent everything back the £10 voucher every few months really wasnt worth the hassle
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