Anyone using IE 8 Beta get flashing new tab? or wierd graphics?

Recently downloaded IE 8 Beta on one of my computers.
When you open a second tab it "flashes" between connecting and new tab
and continues until you type an address in is this normal?
The tabs along the of the screen also look distorted!
When I go into advanced search on HUKD and type in the supplier some
of the characters I type appear just below the input box!
I have downloaded latest updates etc etc which did not help.
Any ideas?
Help greatly appreciated


I downloaded it a while ago and it messed up big time, I couldn't get back to IE7 either..... thats why I stick with firefox.

I did not have this exact problem but downloaded IE8 and installed it (using Windows Vista) and had so many problems with it that I had to just restore my laptop to an earlier date and delete the installer.

I think that loads of sites were incompatible with it and the compatibility mode would not work properly.

I have IE8. Have not found any problems when using it, but then I use Avant and Firefox mainly.


yeah thats why its a beta mate and not the full release.

you supposed to let microsoft knonw about any probs you are having so they can be ironed out before the full release

Original Poster

Looks like the only mistake I made was downloading it!!!
Thanks for the input people, I will now attempt to switch back to IE7

I recently downloaded and installed the Beta of windows 7 and was having the same problems as everyone else with IE8 which is preinstalled with windows 7 but after some potching around I found out that if you press the Icon that looks like a piece of paper torn in two located to the left of the refresh icon and the right of where you type links it causes the browser to revert to "compatibility" mode and after that hotuk works fine : D this helps some of you guys.
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