Anyone using Tomtom on a pda ?

    I've just got a pda from work (an old Dell X50v) which has Tomtom for Europe on it.
    They've given me the disc's for UK and it's installed ok, but it won't take UK post codes ?

    I've switched the maps from Europe to UK, but no joy ! It will only list European post codes ?
    Any help ?



    You get the postcodes file off the interwebs some where....hang on i'll just check what it's called


    it's 8MB+ big

    then create a folder on your root directory called ZIP put it in there

    I only tried the UK maps on that exact PDA although it did work well, the bright high resolution screen and reasonably powerful hardware worked well for sat nav.



    although usually means you are going to say something negative you went on to say something positive...confused john

    I use tt5 on xda with and postcodes not very good yet just got a tt go 730 all singin dancing etc and tt5 been basic is a lot better at times.

    Which version did you get. tt5 lets you rotate screen so pda sits sideways on dash tt6 doesn't so needs a mount to use??

    it may be the older version of tomtom, as i had that with the initial software that i had
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