Anyone using Vista tell how to make file view setting stick ??

Found 12th Dec 2008
Afternoon one and all,

Just got a new laptop with Vista. No problems other than when I change a folder view from big icons to detail view and then exit sometimes (and only sometime but it's get more often) when I go back in it's switched back to icon view ??
Now this used to stick when I used XP, is this some sort of M$ 'Improvement' ? or am I missing something ?
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You'll be bothered by that for as long as you have Vista. I think the folder view and file view have temporary files or registry files belonging to them as my folder views tend to revert to default after I clean the registry or clear temporary junk files. Same goes with the placement of the folder window on the desktop.
Go to the directory you want to view then right click on it, select properties/customize and have a fiddle with the top setting.
Think Painkiller is right. I have spent hours researching this and Vista always wants to show the view it thinks best. The other problem I had with Vista was the pathetic search facility. That was solved by using Turbo Searcher Program - fantastic speed and options.
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Another great step forward by MS then ! Thanks guys, I was starting to think I was losing my touch. . .
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