Anyone want 2 month entertainment code for nowtv?

Posted 26th Sep
I have a 2 month entertainment nowtv code to give away as I don't need it.
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I could do with it please.
Yes plz
I’ll take it please mate if it’s going?
Shall I just put it on here and whoever redeems it first?
Yes please if still available
I'll be putting it on just after 8 o clock as I'm out at work
Bargainbucket9126/09/2019 15:20

I'll be putting it on just after 8 o clock as I'm out at work

Be better off sending via pm to the first responder, be a free for all on here otherwise.
Nice gesture by you,
Okay cheers.
I wouldn't be doing anything with it as I don't use nowtv and I got it free with an xbox bundle
I'll put my name in the hat please. I would suggest putting everyone in a virtual hat and using a random number generator and picking someone at 8pm to be the winner :-)
Lets all have virtual arm wrestles over it
P1P226/09/2019 13:01

Comment deleted

Weren't you just giving away a load of passes
P1P226/09/2019 17:23

Comment deleted

Do you still happen to still have that 2 Month's Entertainment Pass free. for me please?.
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