Anyone want a £10 off £60 shop at Iceland

Found 4th Jun
Got 3 from their last promotion but wont get around to using them all so i'll give one away now. Might have another in a few days if i decide i can't use it.

It's an online code to use before the 12th June and as above it's £10 off a £60 spend.

Don't just ask because it's free, i'd like someone to actually use it.
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Would love one.
Code sent, if anyone else wants one please post below. No guarantee you'll get it as i might use it myself, but if i don't it will be on its way to you as soon as i know.
Could I be considered M1..... It would be used, Thanks if you can do.
Sure, it's yours if i dont use it. I'll know in a couple of days.
Oh yes please, if you have any more left. Many thanks.
Steve, just sent you one as i wont get around to using it.

Sorry JDavies, they are all gone now.
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