Anyone want to earn £60 in the Nottingham (Carlton) area?

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Found 1st Oct 2010
This guy sounds desperate!

have a new golf mk4 1.8t, bought with cracked sump. managed to get all but 2 bolts out. its the ones that are flush with flywheel, i've tried a UJ extension, quarter drives, cannot get them off! think i may have rounded one? is anyone willing to get them out for me and back in again on the new one, so only 2 bolts in and out and ill give you £60 cash. its on a pit in a garage, well lit. ive tried my tools so suggest anyone willing to attempt brings there own tools, i need it for sunday tho so please only attempt if you have done on before.

any life savers out there? based in nottingham just outside the city centre area in carlton. please let me know urgent thanks much appreciated.

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Try sealing the cracked sump with liquid metal compound.
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