Found 23rd Jul 2010
so, i've been searching a lot lately and thought i would search on ebay for a gaming laptop/desktop.
So anyone who feels like doing someone else a favour could you please help me by telling me which one is the best for the price
(judge them on buy it now prices apart from one where i would like you to judge on the bidding price which is this one:

* Rock-Xtreme-XT-Alienware-Gaming-Laptop-3-2GHZ-1G- > 110561389142

and the rest

* XBLADE-INTEL-E5300-GAMING-PC-COMPUTER-500GB-4GB-9500GT- > 300349767855
* CR-PC-DESKTOP-PC-COMPUTER-E3300-500GB-4GB-GAMING-PC- > 280495514185
* ALIENWARE-AREA-51-GAMING-P4HT-2-4GHZ-250GB-1GB- > 140430978365 (not alienware inside)
* HP-Compaq-nw8240-Gaming-Laptop-Notebook-2GHz-15-5-2Gb- > 160459264632 (including postage)

There really is quite a lot but i would really appreciate it if you could at least even look at a few.
Also, if there is any gaming laptop/desktop or just a laptop/desktop that is really good at playing games (eg. assassins creed 2, just cause 2 or downloadable games like fifa online) which you think is good for the price please could you tell me.

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WOO, just put the ITEM numbers!!!


Hyperlinks unfortunately don't work in the opening post and ebay links are automatically filtered anyway, so I've altered your opening post to remove all the ebay url links and have just left item descriptions and item numbers as that should be easier to read, thanks

Budget, budget....

Original Poster

seriously, none of them!!!
i had no idea.budget is £350
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yeah what is your budget?

Original Poster

read the above post...

I have to agree with DCX, the top one is the best of the bunch (for older games) but even that only has a DDR2 RAM graphics card!

Of course you could always get a barebones system, then buy a top notch card to go into it, long as your PSU can handle it!

If your not tech-savy, this might be a good idea for you, just need to add graphics card, hard drive &/or a dvd drive, which are 3 of the easiest things to do!…tml


If the main use is gaming forget about a laptop with your budget

Original Poster

how much would a graphics card and hard drive cost to add on?
and what do you mean dcx when you say
Someone else can build this one, I just did one for someone else in another thread (it's £470 but is really good and will last a long time).
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