anyone want to help me on burnout paradise for the ps3 online

    as it says need some help on 2 players upwards for the freeburn challenges to unlock this car…tml my ps3 name is bigted72 if you want burn paradise all help welcome tried to host a game cant get anyone to join all going for high awards


    Wish I had it to help, will be getting the ultimate box thing I think.

    Original Poster

    yes more cars big surf island mmm mmm mmm paradise is a great game once you get into it i just got 100% on my elite but i want more ..i need the carbon car…tml

    You got it on Xbox and PS3?


    You got it on Xbox and PS3?

    I have [y] ?

    Just seems a bit odd to own the same game twice, although I've done that with CoD!

    depends on friends console and DLC
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