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Anyone want to join a YouTube premium family account? Or Apple One Premier?

Posted 8th Nov 2022
Youtube premium family membership is £19.99/month and allows 5 members. As someone I know already wants to join, I was wondering if 3 other people would like to make up/share a YouTube premium family membership so it's £4/month each?

I have been doing this with a happy HUKD 'Spotify family' for years but fancy a change to YouTube as I think it offers more content/value. I will ask my 'Spotify family' too, so it might not necessarily be the first 3 members who say 'yes please' who get accepted to the group. I would be looking to set it up in a few weeks time (20th-ish November) when the Spotify family sub is up for renewal.

NOTE: A proper UK family membership, as I can't be faffing around with VPNs and £4pm seems reasonable.

Alternatively I'm also looking at Apple One Premier which would be £5.50/month each (6 members total) and includes Apple TV+, Apple music, 333GB iCloud each, Apple Arcade, apple news and apple fitness+.
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