Anyone Watch Benidorm On ITV? It's Hillarious!

    I'm so glad they brought Benidorm back for a second series, the first one was great and this one is already having me in fits of laughter. Anyone else watch it?


    Yep sure is hilarious,watched the first series and glad they have brought it back.:thumbsup:

    Yes it does have a certain something !

    I'm also glad they brought it back, and with the same characters. WIth it being a holiday resort it would of been easy to replace all of the characters, but I dont think it would of worked as well as it does now.

    i'm gutted.. i keep missing it, watched the first series, it was hilarious!! do you know if it repeats on any other channel..

    Doesnt the old boy in the thong just crack you up,i own five tanning salons in manchester you know.:roll:

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    I laughed so hard at this scene. (beef curtains)…C_M
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