Anyone watch Eastenders ????

Found 30th Jul 2010
If anyone watches Eastenders, have you noticed lately a noise that always come on at important bits in the program?
The sound is like a bunch of clicking, have no idea what it could be but it's very noticeable

Anyone ? Lol

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Get your ear's cleaned


Your TV?

erm no....





yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but...... NO :P

Yh that was me I was trying to snipe ben lol.

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Ok if you record tonights eastenders on BBC three, then watch the part where Stacy walks out tue house the pram, around that time there is an animal clicking!

Honestly I'm not winding you lot up lol

Maybe u should get rid of your CRT and get a flat screen X)

i've not noticed

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Lol I promise u all, it's doing my head in and It only happens at
A. Important bits
B. Cliffhangers


maybe its you trying to talk to your OH and her going SSSHHH LOL


maybe its you trying to talk to your OH and her going SSSHHH LOL


I heard that tonight and knew what it was straight away. It is the noise magpies make. I know this because I am quite often woken by a couple that sit in the tree outside my bedroom window. Somebodys microphone was obviously picking the sound up. Maybe it's their mating call :-)

its like crows but as per usual its saxo trying to pick a fault with ANY programme. Honestly folks its like he sets out to find out bad points about things or tiny mistakes lol. It does my head in as he rewinds the sky+ and watches it several times oh how much fun I have lol

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Eastenders Clicking

Forward to 21:45 and when Stacy leaves the house with the pram you will hear the noise

this happens in about every flamin episode and bugs the hell out of me what it could be lol

it sounds like birds croaking lol

There is the noise of a train, then birds beeping/humming then the wind blowing the big tree in the background and some traffic noise.....?!
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