Anyone watch Glastonbury last night (Live Gorilaz?)

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Found 26th Jun 2010
I'm fuming! I've just complained to BBC, and I never bother doing that!

basically, Gorilaz were on BBCHD, several songs in were told to switch over to BBC3, a few songs later they told us to switch back missing 5 mins of the show. The only reason they switched us over, was to show a pre-recorded show of Coldplay, WTF!?

you may not agree, but this is like showing a hyundai ad, during an England goal in the world cup!

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I seen I little bit of it but im not a big gorillaz fan so it didnt bother me.

never saw it but a shame for gorillaz fans.

So far I have seen 7 different bbc presenters at glastonbury,and Im sure there are more than that-what a total waste of money.

I didn't watch it but agree..bit of a shame, and hassle really...

but i liked your comparison .

saw some of Gorilaz look and sounded terrible imo

I agree, the coverage was a pain. I was swapping channels and hitting the red button constantly. As a side note i thought they were pretty poor, the crowd looked bored.

Pretty dreary band to be headlining IMO. Surely you need to end off with someone who is going to get the place buzzin. Gorillaz hardly fit that bill. They have 1 or 2 decent songs but most of what I have heard from them is lift music.

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yeah, they started off ok, then did a few of the songs im not too keen on, but when it started getting good, we had to keep changing channels for coldplay. Gorilaz only did it cause u2 pulled out.


the edge has just come on to play with muse

streets have no name:)
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