Anyone watch Hogfather? Any Pratchett fans?…jpg Do we have any other Terry Pratchett fans on the forum?

    I saw the show on sky over Christmas - Hogfather. Anyone else see it? What did you think?


    wanted too but i missed it

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    My sister recorded it on her Sky Plus, so I was able to watch it all in one go Quite enjoyed it too.

    I thought it was very well done, and I also kept a copy off Sky+.

    Wonder if Sky will release a DVD ?


    Wonder if Sky will release a DVD ?

    I missed it but Internet rumours say March or May for DVD release.

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    I hope there's a DVD, I would buy it for one I thought it was a very good adaptation. Death and Teatime were especialy well-played.

    I have read all of Pratchett's early books, so witty and funny. DEATH is hilarious.

    A friend used to lend me her books after she read each new release. We went to an AmDrams production of Equal Rites and although it was good the humour would have been lost on anyone who hadn't read the books but of course all of the audience were fans.

    Do you think that anyone who doesn't know his books would enjoy Hogfather?

    Didn't see it myself but hope to get the DVD.

    I watched it, it was good, dunno if it could have been better or not I can't decide lol. I expect there will be a DVD as soul music and wryd sisters went to DVD.
    I love Terry Pratchett and his books, I'm lucky enough to have met him on a few occasions Last time I saw him he signed my soul music dvd

    My dad hasn't read the books and he thought Hogfather was ok, not enough to make him read the books, but still good enough for him to have tuned in for the second part.

    Couldnt watch it as dont have sky

    BTW this is a wicked site. Am amazed by the rate things update on this site. It changes almost every minute!

    Good job all

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    DEATH is hilarious

    It's very good One of my faves is "Guards, Guards" though. Love the characters and the dynamics between Angua and Carrot and Vimes etc.

    It probably could have been better pawsntails.. not sure I can say how though

    Love Pratchetts books havn't seen Hogfather yet tv drived it but yet to get round to seeing it. I know im gonna love it though I adore death and susan has to be one of his funniest characters yet.
    Fave book has to be 'Mort' though he is just so gormless he floors me every time

    I loved it & have never read a book of his before.

    You have rekindled my interest in Discworld again Emmna. My friend moved to Aylesbury 10 years ago and I don't see her now but she recently sent me a copy of The Colour of Magic to read again and I want to start it now.

    Equal Rites is still my favourite.:) Granny Weatherwax my favourite character:

    "Esk gazed down defiantly. Granny glared up sternly. Their wills clanged like cymbals and the air between them thickened. But Granny had spent a lifetime bending recalcitrant creatures to her bidding and, while Esk was a surprisingly strong opponent, it was obvious that she would give in before the end of the paragraph."


    Really enjoyed The Hogfather. Loved the character of death.

    I adore TP, missed Hogfather as don't have Sky - very sad! (not having sky & missing the prog!)
    Death has to be the best character from any book ever written - he's just so cool!
    Very glad to see that it'll on dvd! It will be mine.
    Any one read Wintersmith yet? got it for Xmas but not started yet.

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    Any one read Wintersmith yet? got it for Xmas but not started yet.

    I got it for the OH for Christmas, so I can't really read it until he does, as it's a present for him! It would be rude if I read it first!! Looking forward to it

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    Further to the above post, I just finished Wintersmith. It was a really brilliant read, perfectly Pratchettesque.* I particularly like the Nac Mac Feegles and their colourful vocabulary :whistling:

    [SIZE=1]* You know what I mean[/SIZE]

    :shock: Can't believe I'd forgotten about the Nac Mac Feegles!

    I love em - my OH is Scottish, and I get to laugh at him, he's so like them! *

    You read it pretty quick!!!

    mines still languishing on the bookcase, but I might "lose" my current read and pick it up tonight!

    :whistling: :whistling:


    [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]* Tho quite a bit taller & not blue!

    ** Nice use of asterix in your post btw![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    Haven't seen it (having neither Sky nor indeed a TV :-( )

    But I've read all but the latest Pratchett and enjoy them all; I saw Wyrd Sisters about 10 years ago (when I last had a telly) and thought it was ok - rarely do tv adaptations reach their potential I think.

    Will wait for this one on DVD and see what people say.

    Cheers, Dio :viking:

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    Hee hee I love those asterisks

    Me to ! :-D *

    [FONT="Times New Roman"][SIZE="1"]Makes reading a more enjoyable experience all round! :giggle: [/SIZE][/FONT]
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