Anyone watched Britz on ch4 at 9.00pm yesterday and today

    Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on what they saw, anyone gonna give us a perspective from a different view point....i found it very intriguing and very complex and confusing (maybe i shouldnt watch serious tv)....


    It was okay, but the story line is done too much now. They need to vary out with these drama's based on asians, pakistanis etc.

    As I am a Muslim I find it very offence to be quite honest, I dont see how Channel 4 can show examples of terrorism like that, its really got me hot inside I dont see how they can give an example of how they did today, they make us Muslims look really really bad,

    EDIT: Also it has changed a lot of peoples views on how they see a Muslim now, its going to prevent racism,

    Recorded it on sky+ but havent watched it yet
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