Anyone watching ....

    Trinny and susannah body thing....GOOD GRIEF, willies on parade, bring your own microscopes!!!
    Channel 3 now!



    It's recording,I'll watch it soon,only seen 1st 1 this wk,last nights recorded too.

    I think some of us are a bit busy at the moment:whistling:

    oooohhhhh they need to wax

    Original Poster


    oooohhhhh they need to wax

    Chuffs everywhere!!!

    blinkin nora...i'd not get my noobs out on tv!



    I think some of us are a bit busy at the moment:whistling:

    yeah but you still need a microscope

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    Poor woman model has lost all her hair, i think id rather lose the babylons than my hair. Makes you realise how lucky you are.

    i just watched a bit, quite a shock when i turned on

    How do they do that? Twist themselves into those positions?

    ooops forget that, that was last nights dvd:whistling:
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