Anyone watching dexter the dark defender

    What a show why can't we produce things like this?


    ok, i love dexter. but how dare they call it dexter the dark defender. its dexter: season 2

    I love Dexter. Does anyone else think he looks like a dinosaur though?

    good god gents, wait until you see the girl who used to be in hustle when she's in this series.... new pants for me unfortunately. Felt as hot as miami ( too much info there)

    i've already seen the third season and read all the books. looking forward to the new 1

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    Must admit he's not the most attractive leadi g man but he's unusual the dark defender was Tongue in cheek it was in to nights episode. Series 3 I wish

    I really really want the new season already, I'm feeling deprived.

    Great show. I've seen the third series too . I saw these episodes about a year or more ago. Very underrated series with some great characters

    Fanastic show, can't wait for 3rd series. The books are great too, different from the series. The latest one has just been released so looking forward to that arriving in the next couple of days.:)

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    Castortroy let me guess we've got same fave film

    Seen third series too. love it!

    Season 4 will presumably air in Fall of 2009.

    I also like Supernatural, Lost (Watching 05.03 in a min) and another one which is somewhat related to the X files = Fringe.
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