Anyone watching the Masters Snooker?!

Found 15th Jan 2007
Just wondered if anyone had been watching the tournament on TV or live at the Wembley Arena?

I was there yesterday and saw Ding V Hamilton, Stevens v White and the first 8 frames of Bingham v Carter and had a brlliant time.

Went with my old boss, some of his family and someone I used to work with and saw Ding score a maximum 147 break which means he was the youngest ever to score a televised 147 break! But before that, I managed to see Steve Davis and get his autograph on my ticket!

I then saw Jimmy White, who is still a legend, sadly crash out losing 6-1 to Matthew Stevens. But credit must go to Jimmy who even though he lost, he stuck to his word and did an autograph session after his match, and got 6 photos signed for me and people I know!

The last match wasn't the best, but was still good!

All in all, the tickets cost £30, the parking was free (don't know how we managed that), the hotel was £59 between 2 (but had I booked earlier, I could have got it for £15 a night!) and although the food was a bit expensive, it is London after all!

Ever so tempted to go again next year, maybe for longer!

Watching it now and it's giving me goosebumps on my goosebumps thinking "I was there yesterday!" Not sure if I made it on TV though! Hopefully I did! Then I will have been on channels 1 to 5 as well as Sky Sports 1!

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yeah im watching it on tv now there just showing the 147 again,would of liked to of been there to see it though,hopefully get there next year.

glad you enjoyed it m8
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