Anyone watching the new series of Shameless???

    Anyone watching the new series of Shameless???
    It is as good as it has ever been, if not better.
    What are your thoughts?



    dunno...missed them all so far

    lol me too. iv seen em all up til now.. iv not watched a single one this season.
    i feel so bad!

    yep ,, its bloody excellentnt,,,, havent missed a series / episode yet !!!!!!!!!!

    Yes brilliant, makes me cringe, laugh and cry - sometimes all together!!

    Im watching series 2 on DVd and series 6 on tv, i love it, i was a late shameless developer so im making up for lost time.

    Loving it so far!!!


    The new one's great, it's amazing for a show that's been going on for so long that it has remained such good quality, they can bring in new characters, remove old ones, it's still genius. Roll on next week!!
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