Anyone watching Tramadol Nights? (Frankie Boyle's new Channel 4 show)

    Been looking forward to this, a mixture of sketches and stand-up. Hopefully Channel 4 will let him loose with his style of humour! Just started at 10pm on C4 and C4HD.


    Tramadol, crap as a painkiller, but at least you can go all night with them, forget viagra.

    Seen him live in Blackburn, heard these jokes hehe

    loose women Iran LOL

    recording as cant stand ads during comedy shows/standups

    Just saw the first half but can't be bothered to watch the 2nd.

    It's all the same material from his disappointing 2nd live stand up DVD with unfunny sketches inbetween.

    He just seems to be going for shock value now and not his usual funny stuff that happens to be a bit shocking.
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    Original Poster

    Wasn't as good as I was hoping. A few funny bits but average, overall.
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