Anyone watching watchdog at the moment ?

    Is it me or is the picture all blurred and quality pretty bad ?

    Watching on Sky


    fine on freeview

    Original Poster

    Seems a bit off focus to me

    Yup, a little fuzzy here too!


    Seems a bit off focus to me

    i agree with you deano

    perhaps anne robinson has insisted on soft focus

    Anne is fuzzy here too, wish they would "soft-focus" her voice!!! grates on me

    How uncomfortable does Duncan Bannatyne look??? lol

    Oooh, is it back on again?

    some one help anne robinson


    Absolutely, Anne Robinson is insisting on soft focus ( aka blurry ) fliters on the HD lens even now - 2 years later.

    It is really sad isn't it ? !!!

    You can see how the camera focus is slightly in front or behind her lovely mush. Good job imo !
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