anyone watching wife swap??? Ch4

    OMG what a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know its a tv programme and that its edited for maximum effect but that bloke said he signed his marriage certificate and now his wife belongs to him - she is his property. He's just had a go at the daughter cos the woman took her out and left him to look after the two boys accusing the daughter of being selfish!
    I am gobsmacked at his attitude


    :thumbsup:hes like me, thats what a woman is for

    hes such an idiot!!

    I'd love to try saying that to MY wife - I think the A&E department would have a field day trying to patch me up afterwards :-D

    I watched it, that guy was so lazy and urgh, i dunno how she could handle being married to him

    Original Poster

    Well i think she'd be much happier without him - she's an absolute doormat and I feel sorry for the daughter. In fact I'm still seething with the comments to the daughter about being selfish! what a pig. He was no better on E4 but you could see he'd been brainwashing the wife again! I am SO glad i havent got a man like that

    my wife (and i by that i by no means indicate that i own her:-D) is watching it now. I have come on the comp as he is too irritating. :x
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