Anyone who knows about laptop specs..?

I'm looking to get one for collage but found some good deals now that I may get.

I dont know much about them but I have a list of some on a compare thing which lists about them all but I dont know which is best, for example some habe Microsoft Windows Vista Business whilst most have Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic.

The buisness one has much better battery life (4.5 hours) which means I could do work on the bank but would it be any good for me for just doing coursework & using to browse the internet at home as I would get a router set up. The buisness also has loads more software but I doubtI will need half of it.

It isnt the sort of link which you can post & still have all the details so if anyone could take a look at the spec's then please PM me your email address as I have put it into a word document which I can send via email.

All the things like prosessors dont mean a thing to me so I would like someone who knows about them to make sure it would be suitable before splashing out on something if possible.


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