ANYONE? - Win 7 Laptop wake-up from sleep with remote keyboard possible?

    Ok I was thinking about a REvo to replace my 2 year old Compaq CQ70 laptop but after checking the performance of the CPUs the old Compaq laptop is still a much better CPU.

    So I want to use the Compaq with a larger extermal monitor and a remote wireless keyboard and keep the lid shut on the laptop.

    I have lashed up my bedroom TV and a wireless keyboard / mouse and all works fine until I put the laptop into sleep mode. I cannot wake the laptop up again without opening the lid and using the power button on the laptop, which I do not really want to do.

    Is there any way around this? I have fiddled with all the power settings to no avail.

    On a desktop PC I seem to remember hitting any key on the keyboard would wake up the desktop PC.

    The Compaq CQ70 is running windows 7 home prem 64 bit BTW

    Any ideas folks?




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    can this not be done?


    look in bios or power properties, see if there is an option to control use of the standby switch,
    this is possibly how the screen switch is wired and disabling may do the trick,
    if not available in those locations unlikely to be achievable without physically disabling the switch.
    although whether or not the lappy provides power(5v) to the ps2 or usb ports whilst in standby will also be a requirement.
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