Anyone with a 97 Peugeot 306 or can help me please?

Found 4th Jan 2010
I have not long got a R Reg Peugeot 306 and today when i took the window down it struggled a bit then it wouldnt go back up, after pressing the button several times it went so far up then wouldnt go again but would go back down.

Im wondering if it could be due to the battery being flatish as its being stood a little and the window is really trying to go up and cant and the interior light dims a little, so any ideas?

Oh also any ideas on getting the interior door panel off???


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m8 was it frosty as maybe a build up of frost on the ledge of the window seal may have stuck it , have u ran the car for a while and then tried it , did the car start ok 1st time or so it maybe because it is very cold i have pug 407 and usually takes about 5 mins in minus 8 here for the window to be able to go down once defrosted , although u will hear the mechanism tryin to put window down


Could be the cable that runs round the motor has rusted and can't get past one of the wheel guides.

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Yeah i tried running it for a little while and wouldnt go, i have wondered if its frozen down and not coming back up as its been so cold outside with it stood. The car starts first time brilliantly not a problem.

Will have a look when i can get the door panel off but as it stands i cant see how to, me thinks i need to buy a haynes manual lol....thanks for the help.

Only one place you need to go: ]

Amazing forum, very helpful guys who all know there stuff about Peugeot 306's. I've owned 2 of them in the past but unable to help with your question directly.

ive got a 307 and its quick to start and defrost but my electric windows take a bit longer to 'free' themselves - i think it just got a bit icy

Sounds like either the motor has seized or the window regulator is worn/seized. When trying to put the window up, does it move sideways before it starts to move up. This would suggest regulator. Also try to slide the glass up whilst someone is pressing the switch. You should at least be able to get the window shut. Some silicone spray down the rubber guides may also improve things temporarily.

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The window is fully down so you cant get to it without taking the door panel off, thanks for the site will have a look! All these are helpful to me the suggestions :-)

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Brilliant have left you all rep!
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