Anyone with a Galaxy Tab S7 want to share their experience?

Posted 22nd Nov 2020
Well, having been a long time iPhone/iPad (and android) user I decided to give the Galaxy Tab S7 a go as it was a bit of a bargain at £466.

First impressions:
- it’s a close call but the shiny chamfered edges and sides means it very slightly beats out the iPad Pro in looks in my opinion

- despite not being an AMOLED (never been that fussed about AMOLEDs anyway) the screen is still fantastic, though there is a slight yellow tint in the corners when on a white screen and with multiple reports of this it would suggest Samsung’s QC still isn’t great.

- More versatile than iPad OS in terms of what you can do and I love the extra customisation options but some of the apps on the iPad are designed a bit better

- Wireless DeX really is fantastic

- Has a great feature that allows you to limit charging to 85% to extend battery lifespan
- the 120Hz screen does go a long way to helping the UI feel almost as responsive as iOS

-While the iPad Pro does have a lot more raw horsepower, for my uses (enjoying 120Hz scrolling and photo editing), the Tab S7 has more than enough power.

Ultimately, I have no plans to swap out my iPhone with an Android phone but I will be selling my iPads and keeping this. At £466 the Tab S7 is excellent value for money but at its £619 RRP, I’d probably have gone with an iPad Pro.

Interested to hear your opinions!
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