Anyone with a T-Mobile contract?

    Can you tell me how long your bill takes to arrive in the post after they debit the fee from your bank account? I've had my first bill saying they would debit my line rental fee today (which they have) just wondering when the next bill will arrive confirming this transaction.

    Reason I ask is because I went for a phone contract with "free gift" and need to send my first two bills to them to prove the direct debit went out okay, they will also accept my first bill and a copy of my bank statement but I'd rather just send the two bills as it's easier, unless it takes a while to arrive.




    my bill date is the 5th and get bill within the week

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    Thanks a lot Sassie in that case I'll just wait.

    If your DD came out today then you'll prob get your next bill round about the 23rd of august. Your DD usually comes out 14 days after your billing date

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    Dam, thanks for the info. Don't really want to wait that long. Anyone know if I print out my bank statement, is it safe to leave the account number and sort code visible? probably a stupid question, but they may need to see that on the statement to verify it's my account anyway.

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    After all that, my printer is playing up anyway :x looks like I might have to wait after all.
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