Anyone with an Archer C5 and used the USB file share function?

    Ports are rated for USB2 but it appears that transfers across GB LAN to a USB3 drive are topping at circa 14MB/s write and 8MB/s read (opposite order to what I was expecting too). I should be seeing closer to 30-40MB/s. Does anyone have the same router (firmware is v1.2) and able to verify the same result?




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    Smallnetbuilder got similar write speeds (but slightly faster read speeds) when they tested it:…t=4

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    Thanks. Been browsing the official forums and it appears to be a comparable situation throughout their products. Poor programming for a feature that could only really be considered as a nice-to-have. As a print server and I suspect a low-end media server, such throughputs are fine. Anything more is unworkable.
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