anyone with computer knowledge can you help me

    Hi i have a problem syncing mp3 players to my media player this was one of the solutions but can anyone explain how i cut and paste music from my library to my mp3 player.
    Well, I spoke with Philips, and, according to them, the GoGear simply will NOT work with anything greater than WMP10. My GoGear is less than 1 year old, but, for whatever reason, it is just not compatible with WMP11. My computer, however, still recognizes the device when it's plugged in, so the only solution they offered was to cut and paste music from my library into the (F:) drive (or whatever compatible drive your Go Gear is). It's not as convenient as syncing, but at least it works, and I can still use my MP3 player.
    Unfortunately as its a bank holiday no one at microsoft seems to be working today for any help.



    Go to the folder where you have the music that you would like to put on the GoGear. Something like the below, your MP3 files should be shown.

    Now you want to highlight the songs you want to copy, click on it once (not double click), if you want more hold ctrl button on keyboard and click on other songs too, so you have something like this:

    then right click on any of the highlighted items, and click on 'Copy'.

    Now you want to go to My Computer, and find the GoGear (F:\) drive, double click to open it and then right click an empty space, and press 'Paste'.


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