Anyone with dreamweaver experience?

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Found 28th Apr 2008
My brother is building a website as a small part of a design course and is stumbling a bit at the final hurdle.

He did a photoshop image that he chopped up and used as his design/theme and has built the whole site. Now he's found that some of the pages are different sizes (by a little) and wants an easy way of making them uniform.

He also needs to stick the whole thing on a CD, how do you do this and keep the links intact?

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In the make sure that they are all the same!! As in the width!!! This will be on every page and visble normally in blue!!! Also you can centre it!!

Just burn all the files onto cd!! Make sure everything is in the folders and images are there!!

Let me know if it works!!!

Theres another way but compliacte and alos what language you using?

Im guessing he has a folder named "website", then subfolders like"HTML" "template" "images" etc, so just burn the main website folder to CD, with all the subfolders included

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Good to know about the CD.

As far as the site. He created a mockup of his site in Photoshop then sliced it up and imported it into Dreamweaver. Then he created four pages (the project required four clickable links), but stupidly used a slightly different sized image on the first page to the others so it's a little big (but otherwise identical theme wise).

Is there a way of making all the pages the same size (in a browser) wthout having to start over as he hands it in tommorrow. He'll be trying Naeem786's idea in a minute but thought I'd give a little more info.

When you slice it the code is there but you cant mess about with it that much! Im sure that the line will be there? Im not sure as I create them from scratch as its all coding!

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He says he'd rather it be slighty out size wise than (me) mess up his work so he's going to leave it as is.

He was giving me the evil eye as I was looking at the code.

Is it online? As on a server which he FTP's to? Can look at the code if you want me to???
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