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Anyone with expereince of UPVC filler ?

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Posted 3rd Jan 2017
A few years ago one of our internal UPVC frames was damaged with some paint stripper and it was repaired by our insurance company free of charge using some kind of filler. I have just noticed this morning while replacing the blind used at the window that the filler has discoloured, this isn't just a small patch of discolouration, it is in fact rather large as the entire area around the damage was slathered in the filler and then sanded. As for the actual areas that were damaged there are also cracks around the larger indents that were filled.

I have not contacted our insurance company yet as I am sure if I did they would just say the repair was only guaranteed for one year but I am curious if anyone has experience with this filler stuff that can advise...
1. Is the decolouration over time normal ?
2. What is the average lifespan of such repairs before the filler starts to fail?

Basically what I am trying to find out is if this was bad luck or expected after a few years because if its the latter and I can prove this then I can claim it wasn't repaired properly as we have a new for old insurance policy.

On a final note the frames have only ever been cleaned using UPVC cleaner as supplied by the original fitter.

Thank you in advance for any assistance
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