anyone with internet providers, BE, and BE pro?

    just reading on a site, and looks really fast, uiploads ten times faster than average uk broadbands, up to 24 mb !!!

    Just got a new computer and runs just as slow as old model, so its clearly my pipex int conection.

    Anyone got good recomendations? want it fast for gaming and downloads. THANKYOU


    I have heard they are Fantastic bra, from many people

    I dont use them as I dont need the speeds, but I have be told they are really good

    they are brilliant. They text of there are going to be any line problems, which is rare, not had a problem with them at all


    You wont get 24Mb, but depending on the distance from your exchange, you should get a very fast and stable connection. Im just over 1Km from my exchange and connect at 16Mb - and get D/L speeds of about 1.3Mbps.

    If you want a free month, let me know and I can give you a referral (where we both get a month free!) Just send me a PM if of interest.

    I use Be There 8mb version, as they do the job fine. It is good for me as well.
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