Anyone with OneAccount?

    Just received confirmation that they are only passing on 1% of the 1.5% interest rate cut, really annoyed by this, they are part of RBS and subsidised by the government!

    It really annoys me how banks get us into this mess, and when they have a chance to offer something back they dont take it!

    Rant over!!

    Anyone else with them??


    Yeah im with them. I didnt think they would ever pass it on. Theiving gits!!

    Isn't that an advantage with the One account though? You get that same amount of interest for your saving dont you? So in effect, where your mortgage rate hasn't gone down much, nor has the savings rate...or have I got that wrong.

    that maybe true but I guess most people have more outstanding mortgage debt than savings so you'll still loose out.

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    It works out as an overdraft, you just pay interest on the balance, but its still a mortgage and they should have passed on the full cut, especially since they are taking money from the government, but nevermind, there's not really much we can do about it!!
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