Anyone work at Morrisons?

Got an interview with Morrisons soon, and was wondering what tends to happen. Is it just a basic interview or is there more involved? When I went for an interview with Tesco's there was group discussion and packing customer bags involved, while when I had one with Asda I had to do some silly team activities which involved magic tricks....*shakeshead*

Thanks in advacne!


I work for Morrisons, but it was Safeway when I joined

But I dont think you have to bag-pack :thumbsup: (or that ASDA thing :))

I have been for a Morrison's one.

With me, they just sat 8 of us in a room, and got us to do some stupid team activities.

Then we watched some videos and pick out things which staff members did right and wrong.

It all seemed pointless and relaxed. I got offered the job!

The interview took less than 2 hours if I remember correctly.

Hope that helps you, and good luck!!!!!


Thanks in adv[COLOR=Blue]acne[/COLOR]!

Student work then??:p

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Ha! No. Shoddy lightning in this room :oops:

Thanks for the info. Have given rep. I actually had an interview with "Safeway" many years ago, (didn't take the job as I couldnt drive at the time and the hours were poor) and it sounds like they haven't changed the procedure. Thanks again!

so ... is it ok to wish you all the best? lol assuming you're still going for the job interview

i had one and it was a one on one and first question she asked was did i know any one who worked there when i said no she didnt seem to be intrested in any thing else to say o n i never got job lol

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so ... is it ok to wish you all the best? lol assuming you're still going … so ... is it ok to wish you all the best? lol assuming you're still going for the job interview

Sure! Thanks for your kind wish

Will go for it, but would rather hear from one of the many other employers I have contacted, but I need the money, and any experience is good experience in my opinion.

Some advice if you do get a job in there....dont be sick too often

It probably depends on yhe actual store and there personnel manager. i have had two for different local stores( tynemouth & whitley bay ) they were both one on one's very relaxed just went over application form asked a few questions lasted about 20 mins and I got offered both jobs. Am currently at the tynemouth branch as the hours were better. Afterwards you do have to do the induction which involved more of the kind of stuff you were talking about. Good luck:thumbsup:



Student work then??:p


OMG, I didn't know the interviews were even this (rigourous-ish). I had a number of (graduate) interviews and most were group excercises, phsychometric tests, presentations, roleplay etc.

Finally got an offer!
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