Anyone work at vodafone??

    got an orange san fran unlocked and on vodafone. i cant send mms messages and when i recieve one i get a link to vodafone/getphoto which ive read means MMS isnt enabled on my phone. i phoned vodafone CS and they said because it isnt a phone on their database i cant have it enabled by them and would need to take it to a vodafone shop. Whys that? isit something i can do myself?


    Usually if you get a message saying the phone can't even download the mms it's due to the service not being enabled on your acc (have you used the service before?).

    If not, you need to call Voda CS and as them to add it. You're phone will get a few sim updates and after a bit the service will be running.

    You may then have to enter the setting manually to enable it on the phone, most of those you can get from the likes of Modaco;…om/
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    whats acc? i dont get any message about it not being able to download the mms. it just provides me with a link and a password to view it online. When i try sending one again i get no error msg it just stays at the sending stage/pending stage.

    I read online that if you cant send mms but you do recieve them with the link to view then its because you dont have mms enabled. maybe i shouldve told the CS that i just told them i needed mms enabled. I have all the APN settings

    acc= Account.

    To use any service you have to have the item on your acc. Getting the link to view online is usually down to the network server not knowing you have an mms phone.

    Just call CS and ask them, if its not there ask them to add it. It should be working within 24 hours.
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